Monday, November 12, 2007


Nothing to see here, nothing to see.

Maybe later.



Josh Lanning said...

hey stan this is josh from the unbunking atheists comments...thing

I just wanted to get off his site and respond to your comment on hell.

Honestly, my response is one of question also. There are so many things that I can't explain and if I tried...I'd confuse it all the better. Everyones let it be sought - if you find a great thought about it share it with me cause im all ears.

The only believe - I can't explain all things.

Do you think that's bad? Should all things be explainable? I wish they were.

ExPatMatt said...


Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.


zilch said...

Hey Stan, I don't have anything up at my blog either. Ya wanna race? First one to post something loses....

cheers from frosty Vienna, zilch